21 Ways Of Grinding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Grinding! Its essential in the daily lifes of many who pursue the finer things! Anybody who is successful or who seek success can tell you, grinding is a key factor! Everybody has a grind of some sort, however my brother Kickie’s got 21! DOWNLOAD ONE OF THE MOST ANTICIPATED MIXTAPES OF THE CENTURY, 21WAYSOFGRINDING now and allow him to teach you a few! Powered by StdyGrdn, and sponsored by BoostersBrand and also Features artist such as, Tae frm the 50, Ap of FOC, and myself FreshBoySteph! This will be one for the ipods, itunes,windows mediaplayers,cdplayers,and any other player you can think of! Nuff said! KICKIE Lets go get em!!!!!!!!!!!!

Download here!



DESTRUCTO DISK!!!!! Download,Download,Download!

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This is it yo!!!!! My latest mixtape is finally here in all its dopeness!!!! Sooooooooo what can I say about it besides its FREAKING DISPICIBALLY DOPE!!!! Ummmmmm ok features artist such as, KickFlipB, Ap, Fam Famous, and features beats from producers such as, Sam Collins, Jbou Exclusives, Atari the truth, Marc Jones and many more! Oh and its DOOOOOOOOOPEEEE! Soooo dont take it from me! See for yourself dudesssss!

DownLoad The Destructo Disk Here!!!!!


Do you know what today is???????

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Itz the anniversary of our beloved blogsite! You know the one we like to call YUP.E!!!!!!! Now for those of you who are new to Yup.E blog and would like to have a written recap (drum roll) Here goes! Ok so Yup.E or Young, Urban, Professionals, Entertainment, was founded by myself “FreshBoySteph” and was brought to life last year on this very day! Also on this day was the establishment of my hometown Cleveland Oh in 1796 by General Moses Cleaveland as well as the first solo flight around the world performed by pilot Wiley Post in 1933. This very day plays in my mind as vivid as this post! I had plans on starting a blog but lacked the will power to do so, and for the whole week leading up to that faithful day, I began jotting down ideas and pitches! I also instantly came up with a name and the logo soon followed. After all that, I began shopping for reliable yet flattering host sites to birth this baby that would be, I stumbled across rapper Big Seans blogsite(I met him by the way and I did a post on him last year) and was soon introduced to the great creative control and freedoms of wordpress.com! The rest was history! “YUP.E Blog” was born July 22nd and soon became a local favorite in its first year of syndication! From here however, it only gets bigger! We here at YUP.E believe that quality entertainment is near extiction yet we feel that the future of YUP.E will help bring this back to life! Yup.E Magazine will soon be unveiled followed by a live podcast and eventually a T.V. Network! This is only a few of many goals for the future! So lets take this time to celebrate life and YUP.E, for today as well as tomorrow! Enjoy folks! (Also, check out the recently added “About Us” link below the Yupe image! Feel free to send any and every idea that you would like to be posted! And we will do just that! Post it!)

Shes The Coldest………….

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Itz been a long while since i posted anything in “The Coldest” catergory so I had to come back strong! The only problem was, I hadnt the slightest idea on who id talk about soooooooooooo I took a deep inhale and I dug even deeper into my “hot chick” section of my memory bank and I came up with………….Nothing! lol not until I sat down and watched James Cameron’s Avatar for the first time that is! lol

Not Nytiri the Navi princess! (although I do often fantasize about her blue skin, fluent Navi accent and big bright yellowish green eyes) Her!! below this exerpt!

Yes thats Zoe Saldana and shes this months pic of the litter as “The Coldest” Born Zoe Yadira Zaldaña Nazario (pretty “saucy” name) she is originally Dominican/Puerto Rican believe it or not. Born in New Jersey, she moved to the Dominican Republic at the age of 10 where she would learn that her talents were in the performance arts genre. At the age of 17, she came back to the states to persue this talent and the rest was history. She was most resently featured as Navi native Nytiri in The blockbuster powerhouse Avatar.

Zoe has a very unique look about her, that screams “Contemporary” but tosses in “sexy” by the truck load! She can switch it up on the fly as quickly as…..as you can say fly! lol. Zoe can wear a button down blouse and look very classy but can unbutton the same blouse and turn on the sexy. She just has an un matched mystique that im sure every guy could agree on.

And The Winner is…………

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Lamebrotherhood Clothing Brand!!!!! I must say that since Yup.E has been in syndication these guys have never graced this site, and for that im sorry! REALLY REALLY SORRY!!! But now, since its the big Bday bash and were in the party mood, and since were back better than ever,Its only kosher!!!!!

For the past year and a half, I watched as this brand grew from a would be tshirt veture to an ever growing empire! lead by Ohio native Dakarai Ashby, LB is moving up in the ranks of the urban clothing world! This line reminds me of an infection! Every single minute it grows! bigger than it was before you blinked or went to the bathroom to do a “Double Decker”! It just screams “LIFE”

At first glimpse, the “poppy”, vivid images in which LB so often display, strike the mind as an art exibit rather a typical silk screen image. That is because that’s exacltly what it is! Lamebrotherhood brings art work to life in the form of clothing and imagination. Its almost as if they use tees and sweaters as their canvas’s and it just pops! It kinda puts you in the mind of Takashi Murakami but it injects your veins with a sense of “newness” all while feeding you Acid brownies! Thats what this art work looks like! A wonderful acid trip! Full of color, hot women and hallus. (Note, Those of you who dont know what Hallus are, they’re the lil guys staring at you from you closet at nite, begging you to wear them!!)

To make a long story short and a short story shorter, LB isn’t just some tee shirt brand that you wear once or twice for “Hype” value and throw under the rug, or give to your younger sibling after you bleach it or rip it jumping over a gate! Its infectious. In this new day in age where grind is a common word for some and defeat is an even common word for most, Dakarai’s a fighter and for him, this bout has just begun. LB is here to stay! For more on LB and for ordering inquirey, hit em up at www.lamebrotherhoodshop.bigcartel.com

Crazy Living…..!!!

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While web surfing, I often come across some strange things! Art is very unique and often times can be also strange! But ive never put the tag “Strange” on home decor! Ive seen some odd homes and ive done my buisness in some randomly put bathrooms and ive also eaten in wierd kitchens but none like these………..

The “Transformer” house!

This home just screams out, SAM! I NEED THE ALL SPARK!!! Lol Pretty cool, and pretty crazy!

Seuse” y!

I can just imagine walking up to this house and the cat in the hat coming to the door to greet me! lol! Pretty crazy indeed!

The “Air Froto”

If I lived here, id almost expect the Lord of the rings cast to pop up on my door step offering me a Bilbo Baggins autograph! lol Random! and also dangerous! lol

Ok ok thats enuff houses, lets see some kitchens yo!!!!

The “Crown Royal”

This kitchen has the “Midas” touch to say the least! Id be afraid to even eat in it! Anything I ate in here would probably turn into gold!!! lol

The “Malt Shop”

When I look at this kitchen I instantly think of Happy Days and I get a strong taste for a milkshake! lol They should make Kelis’s kitchen like this!

All this Kitchen talk makes me wanna go potty!!!!!!!

The “Ski pee”

I frikken love this one!! Id love to have a bathroom like this! It just looks sooooo real! I can feel the cold chill from the Alps, just looking at it! Oh wait, maybe it was the toilet! lol

And last but not least, The Peeping Peter! lol (Where do I get these names from! lol)

This one is pretty funny! Just look at the expressions of the peeping toms on the walls above the toilets! Priceless!

Smurfin Awesomeeeeeeeee!!!!

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Ok so one day, I was on a “cartoon to film” forum and I noticed an uproar of movie junkies talking about all the gossip they heard in the past year about cartoon/film adaptations! While peeking, I noticed a few comments about a “Smurf” live action film and at first I was like, yah whatever! It didnt really move me much! Maybe because I didnt believe it was gonna ever see the light of day! So me being the Curious George that I am;(Minus the man in the big yellow hat) Decided to do some research on the subject and ladies and gents of the Retro Age, Im proud to inform you that its no rumor!

Raja Gosnell and Jordan Kerner bring you an anticipated live action look into the lives of the little blue creatures that some of us,(big brothers or parents) fell in love with in our younger years! the synopsis is simple; “The adventures of a mythical race of little blue creatures that must deal with each other and humans, particularly an evil sorcerer obsessed with capturing them for his own sinister purposes”. Sounds pretty straight forward rite! Well this is only some of the things you could expect from this flick! The fact that this film will be a CGI/live action clash, mixing the crazy antics of the creatures of smurf villiage with the busy realtime environments of America. It kinda puts you in an Alvin & the Chipmunks film kinda vibe, and the fact that Katey Perry and Quentin Tarrentino are gonna be lending their voices as Smurfette and Brainy smurf Kinda adds to the exictement and in a way boosts the expectations! And if that doesnt get the blue blood pumping, these sneak peak picks definitly will…………

(Notice the 3D, CGI treatment the little guy got!)
Yes yes folks! I think this is gonna a be a smurfing classic! be looking for its Columbia Pictures release, next summer!

Johnny Ju!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Ok Ok!!!!! Ladies and Gents of the YUP.E Committe! Im proud to introduce you to my good friend and quite possibly one of the most creative and eclectic photo artist the world has yet to visually withhold!!!! Johnny Ju or JohnKyo or The Kewlest damn photographer on tha earth! He takes u places with his work and he actually makes u feel whats in the picture! He brings the actual emotion out of a photo and turns it into energy! Enough energy to wow the viewer! He reminds me of a David Lachappelle but in a dark retrospect! Hes like the Tim Burton of Photography! lol See for yourself guys!!!!!!!





A pictures worth a thousand words but in his case, the words come endlessly in a stream of dialogue!!!!!
Contact him on Myspace, FaceBook and Deviant Art!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shes The Coldest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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coldest newJEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZUZZZZZZZZZZZZ CHRIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ive neva posted a chick quite like this one B4! I saw her on a Modeling Blog, then on KayneUniversity, and then on dynasty Series.com! Shes like Lauren london mixed with Kim Kardashnian Mixed with the Holy Bible! lol! I wouldve explained her bio a little more but her bod says it all! THA COLDEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coldest 4

coldest 3

coldest 5

Im Back AGAINNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!

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YUP.E’s Back! Im Back! ENUFF SAID SCRUBBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LETS CHANGE THAT SHALL WE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steph krew